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Shopper S | Hand-engraved grid pattern

Shopper S | Hand-engraved grid pattern

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 The pattern is made first by drawing the grid accurately, then is engraved line by line with the use of a gouge paying attention to the pressure of it, a work that requires a lot of precision and time.

We are constantly trying to experience the qualities of vegetable tanned vacchetta leather and through the different processes we want to bring out its uniqueness.

Crossbody bag with hand-engraved grid pattern.Top snap closure. The logo is embossed ton sur ton. Unlined internally. Handcrafted in Italy.

Size: WxHxD 24x25x6 cm

Shoulder strap length: 104 cm

Weight: 0,52 kg


100% Vegetable-tanned vacchetta leather from “Consorzio vera pelle italiana conciata al vegetale


Care and maintenance

For a good maintenance keep the bag away from sunlight heat sources and damp places.

 Especially the first months you will notice all the signs of wear, this is because the veg-tan leather absorbs water and gets tanned if exposed to light but do not worry with time the leather will become homogeneous in color and more beautiful.

 In case of scratches or dirt use a soft cloth rubbing it in a circular way not only in the point concerned but also in the rest of the bag polishing it entirely.

When you don't use it, store it in its cotton dust bag.

After much use when the bag will start to feel dry and not shiny uses specific leather products.

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